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It’s Time to Own Your Virtual Real Estate

We’re keeping this blog sweet and simple. 

I recently attended a business conference in Dallas, TX. It was powerful, to say the least.

I walked away with pages and pages full of wise nuggets. More importantly, I also walked away with simple action items that I could implement immediately to move the needle for our business. 

As we all know, social media has changed the marketing game for businesses of all sizes. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who’s not taking advantage of any of the free social media marketing platforms, you may want to reconsider why that is. 

I want to share one simple marketing strategy I learned from the conference that you can use right now to instantly move the needle forward for your business. (I’m not going to share all of the secrets. Why? Because you just had to be there! =) )

A few things before we dig into this incredible strategy…

  • I can’t take credit for what I’m going to share. I’ve been taught to give honor where honor is due. I want to give a huge thank you to Stephen Diaz, founder of the Rainmaker Family, for the incredible Sales and Marketing Training he unleashed at 100X Expansion Conference.
  • I took this advice and immediately implemented it in my personal social media. How can I encourage you to do something that I have not personally done myself?

Let’s get straight to it!

One Simple Strategy

Stephen Diaz says, “your social media accounts are free real estate. You’d be surprised how many people are driving by daily.”

How do you know a house is for sale? Simple – there’s a sign!

A suburban-looking home with a For Sale sign in the front yard.

The owners of a home for sale have no idea how many people will drive by their sign daily. But here’s what the drivers will know—the house is for sale. And if they aren’t in the market to purchase a home, they might know someone who is.

Outside of paid ads, how else can you own more digital real estate to market your business?

TIP: Stake a claim on the land you already own. 

Let’s look at Facebook…

What is the obvious “for sale” sign in your personal FB “real estate”? 

  • Your cover photo!

Your cover photo, literally and physically, takes up the largest real estate on your page. If used strategically, it can be an EXCELLENT form of marketing. 

What will visitors and followers learn about you when they “drive by” your personal Facebook page?

I get it, you want to keep your business and personal life separate. And please hear me, this is a personal preference. 


Think about how many people might “drive by” daily and have no idea what you do because your personal page is just that—personal.

If a new (or potential new) follower visits your profile and doesn’t dig down into your About Me or Occupation information, they may never know the incredible impact that your business could have on their lives. 

I believe this is a big missed opportunity, so I put up a sign on my virtual property.

I did a quick audit of my own page and realized I have zero posts about or mention of my business!  

Like most moms, my page is full of pictures of my son. There’s nothing wrong with that! I love showing off pictures of my kiddo and husband. 

But, at first glance, how many of my current and new followers would even know I have a business? 

My heart is to serve through the vehicle of my business, so what else could I do to display this kind of service?

Here’s what my personal Facebook page looked like before implementing Stephen’s advice:

A screenshot of Mary's personal Facebook profile. Her cover image is a black and white photo that shows her sitting in a chair smiling and looking at her husband. Her husband stands on the other side of the image holding their adorable little baby.

Nothing wrong with it, right? I love this photo! It’s special to me! But I also have no emotions over taking it down and utilizing my free “real estate” strategically.

And just like that (after a quick 15 minutes on Canva) here’s my new Facebook cover image.

A screenshot of Mary's personal Facebook profile after implementing the new strategy. Her cover photo is now a color photo of Mary smiling with coffee and her computer. A text box over the photo reads Wife, Mom, Exec - "She looks to her future and smiles, Proverbs 31:25", followed by the logo and contact information for Virtually Yours Agency -, on Insta, and

With this new cover photo, I essentially have a sign on my front lawn saying exactly who I am, what I do, and how to learn more about the services my company offers. 

Everyone say it with me, “Stake a claim on the land you already own!”

Another piece of real estate that you “own” is your Instagram. 

Did you know you can pin your 3 most important posts to the top of your IG feed?

These three pinned posts offer a curated introduction to who you are and what you do. The pinned posts also get more visibility from your followers and audience. 

Once again, outside of my profile bio on Instagram, there wasn’t much else, other than my baby and husband, to showcase what I do and how I want to serve people. You’ll find more pictures of my baby (and why not, he’s just the cutest)!

The cutest baby ever, sitting outside a restaurant wearing a sweatsuit with skateboarding dinosaurs and little red crocs.

I think you get the idea! 

Sometimes it’s not about creating new.

Sometimes it’s about maximizing what you already have.

This may seem simple, but that’s the point. The oak tree is hidden in the acorn. Who knows what kind of results can come from implementing “simple”? 

Say it one last time and loud enough for the people in the back, “Stake a claim on the land you already own!”

Where else can you stake a claim on the land you already own?

YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit… this list goes on!

Need help creating your personal Facebook cover? Want a VA to create, design, and write your three curated posts to pin on your personal Instagram? Click on the link to schedule a call, we’d be happy to help!

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