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How a Dancer, Actress,Mom and Virtual Assistant Juggles Being a VA and Why She Loves Doing It With VYA!

In the virtual work space, virtual workers or assistants have many options for finding and building their client base. Some choose to form their own business entity and go solo, while others join forces with an agency-both are possible, but the choice can shape the trajectory of their career. Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our exceptional virtual assistants, Chelsea Corp, to talk about the Benefits of Partnering with an Agency.

Our conversation was rich with insights, highlighting the following key benefits:

1. Ease of Finding Clients

One of the standout advantages Chelsea emphasized was the ease of finding clients when working with an agency. Rather than spending time doing lead generation, she enjoys the benefit of tapping into our agency’s established network. This means less time spent on marketing efforts and more time devoted to serving clients.

2. More Time to Serve Clients

One of the Benefits of Partnering with an Agency. Chelsea can focus her energy where it matters most: serving her clients. This allows her to deepen client relationships, tackle challenging projects, and exceed expectations.

3. Lifestyle Benefits

A significant highlight of our conversation centered on the lifestyle benefits that come with being a virtual assistant. Chelsea shared how the flexibility of remote work allows her to achieve a better work-life balance, pursue personal interests, and maintain autonomy over her schedule. This flexibility empowers her to thrive both personally and professionally.

As we continue to empower and support our virtual assistants in achieving their goals, we remain committed to providing a platform for growth, collaboration, and success. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual assistant or considering embarking on this career path, partnering with an agency can open doors to new opportunities and elevate your professional journey.

Thank you, Chelsea, for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of joining forces with an agency or seeking support in outsourcing tasks to skilled professionals, we invite you to explore the possibilities offered by our team. Together, we can unlock new horizons, drive growth, and achieve remarkable success.

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