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5-Tips on How to Navigate the Holidays with Your Virtual Assistant!

Hey there festive friends and virtual accomplices!

As we gear up for the season of gratitude and merriment, it’s time to ensure your collaboration with your virtual assistant (VA) is as delightful as a slice of pumpkin pie. 

Here are 5 simple tips to make your Thanksgiving and Christmas collaboration a feast of productivity and joy!

  1.  Thankful Expectations

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s start by counting our blessings. Your virtual assistant is here to support you, but they’re not miracle workers. A little praise and appreciation goes a long way. Now for the expectations. Be clear about your priorities and goals, and watch the magic happen. With gratitude in your heart, you’ll set the stage for a collaborative feast!

  1. Yuletide Communication

Communication is the jingle bell in the holiday symphony. Keep the lines open and transparent with your virtual assistant. Share your schedule, priorities, and any special holiday plans that might influence upcoming plans. Like a well-choreographed Christmas dance, smooth communication ensures everyone is on the same page.

  1. Turkey-Time Off – Honoring a Breather

Even turkeys need a break from the oven, and your virtual assistant is no different. If they’ve requested some time off for a turkey trot or cozy holiday movie marathon, honor it. A well-rested VA is like a perfectly roasted turkey – ready to bring the best flavor to your tasks when they return. 

*side note, hours must be fulfilled for the month by your VA. Communicate how and when hours are completed while also honoring time off. 

  1. Festive Cheers – Sharing the Joy

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and spreading joy. Surprise your virtual assistant with a virtual cornucopia of appreciation – be it a festive e-card, a heartfelt note, or a small token of gratitude. A sprinkle of holiday cheer will make your collaborative feast all the more delightful.

  1. Holiday Reflections – Looking Forward

As you gather around the virtual table, take a moment to reflect on the year’s blessings. Discuss your accomplishments, express gratitude, and plan for the year ahead. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. This joint Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration is not only a time for reflection but also an opportunity to strengthen your partnership.

So there you have it! With thankful expectations, yuletide communication, and a dash of festive cheer, your virtual assistant partnership will be the highlight of your holiday season.

Ps. Did you know Katie and Mary offer coaching for our VYA clients? Have other questions? Click the link below to schedule a time to meet and strategize to wrap up the year!

In the spirit of joy and productivity, let’s sleigh those tasks together! 🚀🎄

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